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cake php

Creating functional, high-performance, effective, and user-friendly web applications is one of the major aspects of web development today. A number of frameworks are available for the web app development. However, there aren’t many that can be as reliable and robust as CakePHP. It is a rapid development framework for PHP. It is open-source and completely free. Cake PHP has become one of most preferred choices of the developers and clients alike. The ease of use and wealth of features make it an extremely effective framework for web applications. At Accurate Web Solutions, we offer the best CakePHP development solutions to all types of businesses. We have a dedicated team of programmers and developers who have developed several web apps using this framework. Regardless the type or size of your business, our developers make sure that we deliver superior quality web solutions to you.

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Here are some of the reasons why you would like to work with our CakePHP development team
– We create user friendly interface and functionalities in accordance with the industry standards
– We create additional features and functionalities for your web applications

– Comprehensive integration of database to ensure that no configuration is required at your end

– Enabling PHP4 and PHP5 compatibility depending upon your business needs