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What are the guaranteed benefits?

Here are the guarantees associated with our services : <

Guarantee of confidentiality: We keep all the client details confidential

Guarantee of price: there will be certain minimum guarantee saving for the on-site development

Guarantee of results: The payments are progress-linked and are weighted towards the end

What are your prices?

Rates and prices may vary depending upon the nature of the project, timeline, and skill requirement.

What is the quality of the professionals you employ?

We believe that any company is as good as its employees. Our professionals are perfect for the software projects.

  • They are graduate or post graduate engineers
  • Have several years of experience in this industry
  • Most of our developers have on-shore as well as off-shore project experience
  • Most of our engineers are from premier institutes.
  • Our engineers have exceptional skills and abilities
  • Our interview process is elaborate and rigorous

What is your Payment Model?

We have several payment models. We work on the per-hour basis as well as we accept the fixed price projects. The clients who give us the commitment for long term, we also offer the monthly payment systems.

We generate the invoice on the monthly basis. The payment is due after we have invoiced the client.

How do you guarantee confidentiality?

We sign the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and any other confidentiality agreement you may require.

We only have the fulltime employees and they are under the agreement as per the Non-disclosure and confidentiality clauses.

If the project is too sensitive, we have the isolated project rooms that are not connected to any public network.

Do you guarantee time bound results?

No! Guaranteeing the time-bound results means the compromise on the quality. This may lead to delivery of substandard results. We want to give the best to our clients in terms of results. Our team will give you the tentative idea but there will be no business guarantee to the deadline. However, pleasure be assured that most of the projects are completed on time and are not prolonged unnecessarily.

How to do you assure the quality of the projects?

First of all, our team is dedicated to providing the quality solutions to you. At the same time, we have the processes in place for strict quality control. You can review the progress of the project at any time you want. We also offer the walk-through for design. Instead of going by the trial-and-error method, we incorporate the tried and tested processes.

Each project is quality checked by the Quality Analyst or the Testing Professional. We use different testing methods including white-box testing, black-box testing, usage analysis, test regression, and more.

Why should we trust you?

Here are some of the reasons why you can be confident about our delivery :

  • We have served more than 321 clients so far
  • We have delivered with a success rate of 100%
  • We have billed more than $7,40,000 for all our projects so far
  • We have more than 8 years of experience in this industry