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GAME Development

There is a remarkable difference between mobile game development and traditional app development. Game development requires a lot of creativity, imagination, skills, and the use of the most advanced technologies. Gaming development also requires the understanding of what provides the best user experience. Mobile gaming has been there ever since the mobile phoneswere introduced. The games, however, back then were simple and did not require intense graphics.‘Snake’ was an incredibly popular mobile game at the time when smartphones had not been introduced.

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With the evolution and advancement of the smartphone technology, the landscape of mobile gaming has also transformed dramatically. Today, gamers are looking for games that are addictive, visually exciting, and are highly engaging. Accurate Web Solutions develops mobile games that are backed by the rich codes, are extremely agreeable to mobile layouts, and are very interactive. We develop superior quality games for all the major mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

We have a team of professionals who are passionate about gaming. They understand that the gamers today are looking for mobile games that have a fascinating storyline, realistic environment, feature multiple levels, and offer lots of fun and thrill. Whether it is the 2D or 3D game, we take every aspect of game development very seriously.3D games are undeniably more popular these days. However, 2D games also have their place and by no means are they outdated. This is the reason why we make sure that the best technologies and finest skills are used for the development of both types of games. Maya, Photoshop, and Flash are some of the popular and tested applications we use for the game development.

At Accurate Web Solutions we believe that the gaming experience is enriched by bringing together all the elements including compelling storytelling, lighting, audio engineering, game modelling, and of course, animation. At Accurate Web Solutions, we collaborate with our clients to enhance the any existing games they might have for the mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. At the same time, we also develop new mobiles games from the very scratch. Our team of game developers has the capability to translate a simple idea into a completely marketable and sellable game. We have developed a number of games for iPhones, Android devices, and Windows phones using the latest technologies.

Our game developers have the immense experience in the top gaming engines such as Unity3D, Corona SDK and Cocos 2D. We have the meticulously designed and result-oriented processes for game development that have enabled us to deliver a number of world class games to a wide range of clients. Our methodology is simple and yet extremely effective. We first ensure that there is a clear understanding of client requirements.