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What is the most basic thing that is required for the development and design of websites? It is the knowledge of HTML. HTML is simply a standardized system of markup symbols that are required for the display of the web pages on the browser. A number of languages and technologies are used for web designing and development including PHP, ASP, JavaScript, CSS, and more. All these languages require HTML as the base to function normally. Web pages cannot be created without HTML (or its variant such as XHTML). The web browser parses the markup symbols and renders them on the web browser. Fonts, colours, layouts and other web page design elements are created using HTML. However, for complex and elaborate designs, HTML coding becomes nearly endless and extremely complicated.

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This is the reason why we need to use the Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS) to easily create the layouts and page designs. At Accurate Web Solutions our web designers have the thorough knowledge of the concepts of the latest versions HTML5 and CSS3. Whether you are looking for a minimal web design or a web page with lots of elements, our web designers will create everything for you using HTML and CSS3.