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If you are planning to design high-performance, responsive websites then PHP based, Yii Framework is a great choice for you. Yii is an extremely secure and effective framework used extensively in the design of some of the most widely used professional websites worldwide. Yii is an elaborate Object Oriented Programming (OOP) framework. It exploits the potential of the most advanced features of PHP script such as SPL Classes, late static binding, anonymous functions and more. Yii is also a very flexible framework that can be easily tailored to cater to your business needs. At Accurate Web Solutions, we have a team of developers who have extensive experience in Yii. They have already delivered various Yii based ecommerce solutions. Whether you wish to design a simple corporate website or a comprehensive ecommerce portal, we will do it all for you. We will ensure that all the advanced features of Yii are explored and used during the development of your website. The experience and expertise of our developers ascertains that your project is completed in the shortest possible time.

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key features of Yii development solutions:

– A robust structure base don MVC (Model View Controller)

– Support for Ajax based plugins and widgets

– Effective design solutions for ecommerce websites, web portals, and Ajax web apps.

– Development of highly secure framework

– Authentication support built-in to the design

High performance websites for better user experience

– Fast and functional websites for all types of businesses

– Easy to develop and even easier to maintain

Accurate Web Solutions, offers the most effective and yet affordable web solutions to you. We use the most advanced technologies and tools like Yii to deliver world class products and services to you. You can count on us always for your web needs.